Josh Dorfman

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Josh Dorfman in an environmental entrepreneur, media personality, author and communications expert. As Vice President of Marketing for GoodGuide, the leading platform for transparency into the environmental, health and social performance of consumer products, Josh directs the company’s brand strategy and oversees all PR and marketing initiatives.

Josh is also known as The Lazy Environmentalist, the media brand he founded originally as a blog in 2005 to position green living as appealing and attractive to a mainstream audience. He has been executive producer and award-winning host of “The Lazy Environmentalist” reality television series on Sundance Channel and radio show on SiriusXM. His books include The Lazy Environmentalist: Your Guide to Easy, Stylish Green Living and The Lazy Environmentalist On A Budget: Save Money, Save Time, Save The Planet.

Josh was also founder and CEO of Vivavi, the first U.S. retailer of modern design, green furniture and furnishings, which in 2006 Inc. Magazine named one of the top fifty companies driving the green revolution.

As a green business and lifestyle expert, Josh has appeared on “Morning Joe,” “Fox & Friends,” “Bloomberg Venture,” “The Martha Stewart Show,” “The Big Idea With Donnie Deutsch” and numerous other television programs. As a noted green speaker, Josh has shared his insights with companies such as Google, Pepsico, Volkswagen, Apple, Clorox, Interface Flor, and The North Face as well as institutions such as the Aspen Institute, World Science Festival, and Notre Dame University’s Mendoza College of Business. He has served on Newsweek Magazine’s Global Environment and Leadership Advisory Committee and is currently national spokesperson for Brita’s FilterForGood campaign to reduce bottled water waste.

In 2011, Josh was inducted into the first class of the International Green Industry International Hall of Fame. In 2010, he was named by Swedish children’s clothing company Polarn O. Pyret as “Father of the Year.”

Josh brings a global perspective to his green ventures. He has worked in Hong Kong for the Economist Intelligent Unit and in France for Delphi Automotive Systems. Yet, it was in China during the mid-1990s where Josh had his environmental epiphany. Traveling across the country from his base in Nanjing as China Business Manager for Kryptonite Bike Locks, Josh witnessed the profound changes being wrought by the nation’s emerging consumer economy and recognized the massive sustainability challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Josh holds an MBA from Thunderbird, The School of Global Management, and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania.