State of the World 1996

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In this 1996 edition of State of the World, Lester R. Brown and the other researchers at Worldwatch identify and describe the rapid acceleration of trends that is driving the human experiment across thresholds of change far more rapidly than in the past, challenging our ability to react rationally and quickly.
And yet, at the same time, State of the World 1996 demonstrates that our knowledge about the earth -- and the potential for understanding -- is increasing rapidly also. Evidence for climate change, effects of ecosystem damage, and the efficiencies of sustainable industries is accumulating quickly, showing practical ways to deal with the negative trends that threaten to darken our children's future.
The challenge today is for all of us, from scientists to politicians, to integrate such new information into ongoing policy at all levels. The greater challenge for our leaders is to act on these challenges quickly, before the margin for error disappears.